Comic Books

Grimstone #1

"Dawn of the Morningstar" - Part 1 of 3

Sara Morningstar is on a journey. Like many people her age, she is looking for her purpose in life and her place in the world. Her search brings her to the strange town of Grimstone, where she finds much more than she ever expected.

Grimstone #2

"Dawn of the Morningstar" - Part 2 of 3

Sara Morningstar comes face to face with the mysterious inhabitants of Grimstone Manor and learns the true meaning of Madame Hildegarde's ominous warning. But evil lurks in the shadows, and it has devious plans for the young heroine.

Grimstone #3

"Dawn of the Morningstar" - Part 3 of 3

The fate of Sara Morningstar rests in the hands of the evil demon Krulor! Will Sara end up the bride of a monster? Or will Ribcage and her newfound friends rescue her from Krulor's fiendish clutches? And who is Mongo the Warlock?

Grimstone #4

“Son of Frankenbeans” / “The Ribcage Halloween Special”

Doctor Frankenbeans is on the verge of his greatest creation ever. Success is within his grasp‚ so what could possibly go wrong?

It’s that time of year again. A time for tricks and a time for treats. But in a town full of ghouls, ghosts and assorted monsters, what exactly is Halloween like? Sara Morningstar is wondering just that.

Grimstone #5

“Working Stiffs”

Times are tough everywhere, even in the macabre town of Grimstone. With their house in a state of disrepair and their respective savings all but gone, Ribcage and company are forced to seek gainful employment. While most of them opt for the sensible and legitimate route, Count Cyanide has other ideas. What sort of twisted scheme has he concocted now?

“The Haunting of Count Cyanide”

The home of Count Cyanide has been invaded by a pesky poltergeist with plans for the vampire's demise. The frantic Count will seek the aide of many would-be exorcists, including a certain red-haired sorceress. Is this the end of Count Cyanide? Or the beginning of a not-so-beautiful friendship?